13 October 2009

Holly Front

This is Holly from the Quads, all grown up now. She has been released in our garden for about a week now and she has been here everynight eating, drinking and sleeping. She has even met up with Suzy one night. She spent a few nights in her own nest box and then decided to give a few of the others a try, and has decided to buld up the straw bed in Hogwarts which is under the far bush top right. The box is well hidden from view, but we do see her gathering straw and going into it from time to time. Not sure if her sister is staying with her or not.


Paddy said...

Hi Pat.
I was really sorry to here about Jamie.
Remember, She was loved towards the end.

As for the rest of the little ones, they look like they are coming on In leaps and bounds.
Thanks to you both.
As they start hibernating you will have more time for your self, so don’t make yourself ill.

I love the videos, but just one thing.
Please clean the lens, that cobweb was driving me mad. ;))

Pat said...

Awwww Thanks Paddy. :) Unfortunately that spider keeps showing up after we go to bed. You should see the video of it's legs and all sorts showing up on the video. LOL Quite spooky it is. :)