24 September 2009

Tyler and Brutus Rumble in the Tunnel

Brutus goes after Tyler, who tries to escape by hiding in the tunnel........ Well you can tell that didn't save him. Usually the pair of them get on alot better than Gus and Brutus.


Paddy said...

Tyler is blocking the exit.
So Brutus finds another way.
Clever Brutus.;)))

Pat said...

But the problem is Brutus is a bully. LOL :)Tyler is our 1st little baby that we rescued.

Paddy said...

Tyler will toughen up ;)
He may start bulling Brutus back one day.

Brutus probably sees the garden as his patch,and is trying to defend it.
So long as he doesn’t hurt Tyler, it will stand Tyler in good stead.

It sounds like Brutus is living up to his name.
I could be wrong, and as you say, Brutus is just a bully. : (