12 August 2009

Tyler's Big Release.

Last Monday night was Tyler's big night. Time for him to be released. We brought him in for a quick once over to make sure all was well and to weigh him. He weighed in at 660 grams.

Notice I have to now wear gloves when handling him. He is very very well protected with those sharp spines of his and he does know how to use them.

And since we had him in I thought I would top up his markings to help identify him a bit better. After all this excitement we put him back into his pen for one last time and for him to settle down a bit before we took the pen away. Then at 9.45 pm we took his pen away. He didn't run away, but instead snuffled about the garden inspecting everything. We did make sure he had plenty of meal worms to snack on during the evening and his food box was topped up and the other two bowls too were topped up. The garden frog even had to get in on the excitement and sat in the middle of one of the water bowls we have out for the hogs. :) I finally got to bed around midnight and tossed and turned all night. And first thing I did was go check Tyler's nest box in the morning. And to my joy, he was all snuggled up inside his box!!! Yeah! He has decided to stick around for a bit longer.
Well last night he came out at dusk and was inspecting the patio and all the plants on there. Again we left him some meal worms to snack on during the night and all food and water bowls were topped up. No sign of the frog this time. :) But Tyler did recognize Brian and came and gave his toe a sniff, before wander back under the shrubs and bushes. And again this morning I jumped up out of bed and checked his nest box and again he is all snuggled up inside. :) So it looks like we may get a resident hedgehog for the garden for a little while at least. There are plenty of holes in the fences and he is allowed free range to come and go as he chooses. And so far he has chosen to stay. Off to get another wooden box to make into another hog nesting box for when it comes little Alex's turn to be released.

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