12 August 2009

Our dear little Alex

Sorry for not keeping posted here the past few days. But we had a little bit of a worry with our little Alex. I was a bit worried about his right eye and how Alex was behaving. He just never seemed to settle. And when I had him outside I tried to see if he could see my hand or movement and he didn't seem to shy away. So I made an appointment for Friday morning to see the vet along with taking Jingles for his yearly check up. That was on Thursday and Friday morning his little eye had really gotten infected. So glad I made him an appointment.

Anyway the vet decided to keep him in and put him under anethisa to check his eye better. And she would call me back. She called and it wasn't good. They were going to have to remove his eye. So she did the surgery and then called once they had finished and told me we could pick him up at 5.30 that evening. So we got him home and let him rest over the weekend and I only got him out to give him his antibiotics.

We took him back for his post op on Monday morning and we have a totally new hedgehog. The difference is amazing. He must have been hurting for ages. I now know the signs to look for and the poor little mite is doing sooooo much better now. He is gaining weight rather quickly now and both Brian and I are spoiling him a bit. We tried to see if he would like some of our crumble one evening and he loves it. So he has had fruit crumble as a treat for being such a good boy. The video above shows the improvement to him and how he doesn't rush about the outdoor pen. He actually checks things out now. :)

The forum we belong to, say that as long as he stays nocturnal and that nothing else happens untoward to him, then he should be okay for releasing. If not then we will cross that bridge when we come to it and find him a nice secure place to live. (Probably here with us.)

I can tell he is feeling lots better because hedgehogs usually trash their cages at night by partying and he sure has been having some super parties the last few nights.


Crafty Gardener said...

Oh the poor little thing, but I am so glad to hear that the surgery has helped him. I know that he will be getting all the fuss and attention he needs.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda. :)