31 August 2009

August 31st, 2009 Updating on the Hogs

Hi all, sorry for being absent of late. We are rapidly trying to learn to use a new toy. A CCTV hedgehog camera. :) We have it very close to editing videos for uploading here soon.
Here is one of our videos, and it is one of our first ones so we are improving on focus and all sorts....But you still might enjoy watching it. It is of a new hedgehog in our garden that we didn't know about until recently. We have named him Gus short for August and he has a nick name of Greedy Gus as he can spend well on up to 20 minutes or more eating at a time. He visits several times during the evening too. Video of Greedy Gus here. Gus weighed over 800 grams when we first caught him, and I expect he will be quite a bit heavier now.

Here is our Camera that Brian has all protected from the elements.

This is part of the view of what we see in the camera at night. We plan to vary the location from time to time.

Little Tyler has been in the garden every night since his release and isn't so little anymore. He is up to 690 grams now. And we have several videos of him. He tried one night to fool us and camouflage himself in some horrible smelly stinky stuff. Brian got all excited because it made him look as if he were a skunk or badger with stripes. The next night I decided to catch this stripy hog and see what was up. This is when we learnt it was Tyler and he ended up getting a bath and remarked so that we can tell it is him. He did enjoy the bath and cuddle afterwards and was quite sweet. When a hedgehog is calm and isn't scared he will keep his spines down and Tyler was doing this after his bath. I think he must have remembered his early baby baths after he was fed. :) So keep an eye out as videos of him will soon appear.

Also in the garden we have a few unknown hogs who haven't been caught and marked yet. And a new arrival of our first female...... Little Suzy. When we saw her I had to stay up the next night to bring her in for a check up. She is blind in her right eye. No infection and she seems to be getting on with it okay and has been back every night eating and drinking. She weighed just 590 grams.

Little Alex is doing well. And gaining weight, he is up to 464 grams as of this morning. I am still just a bit worried about his sight. I won't be releasing him until I am totally convinced he will be okay in the wild. He may well become a resident if I am not convinced. He seems to enjoy his cage and likes small boxes and his fleeces compared to exploring outside where he seems to go into panic mode after a while. So he then gets picked up and brought in for a little cuddle before he goes back to his warm comfy cage and being snuggled into his fleece blankets. :)

You can see the stitches which are now starting to come out.

Alex in his outside pen.

Alex trying to escape.

We found out the boys liked playing with tubes. First we started with little cardboard tubes when they were tiny babies and then progressed to cut up plastic bottles and now we have gone to the industrial size tubes.

We bought these at our local hardware store in the plumbing section. Even the wild hogs love going through them. :)
Hope to be back soon with some movies for you all. :)

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