15 August 2009

August 15th, 2009

I wanted to update you all on the boys and what has been happening the past few days here. We released Tyler Last Monday night and he stuck around for two nights in his nest box and then the next few days he was no where to be seen. I did search the garden and looked for him, but just couldn't find him anywhere. So I figured he had gone. Well last night while in the middle of making some cucumber relish I thought I would check the feeders as it was really hot in the kitchen and I needed to cool down. And right there at the bowl was Tyler standing side by side with Headly. :) It was so good to see them both and to know that little Tyler(actually big Tyler) is doing okay. I don't know if Headly has taken him under his wing and is showing him the ropes of being a hedgehog or if Tyler is like a little brother following a big brother around and learning from tagging along. :) Either way it sure made my night.

And little Alex is not very little anymore either. He is doing super and gaining weight. He is now up to 304 grams. I have been spoiling him just a little with his treats of crumble and yesterday some boiled chicken. He is doing really well and is such a sweet little hedgehog. He doesn't prickle up as much as Tyler used to do with me, but he does still do it, so no worries there. We still can't let him loose in the garden even supervised as he is just too quick. So we still put him in the pen for a run.

I wish I could have taken a photo last night, but I didn't want to frighten the boys off with a flash, so unfortunately there won't be any photos of the night visitors unless we get an infrared camera.

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