21 July 2009

July 21st 2009

Well little Tyler has a little brother now. :) Baby Alex.
We finally went into town yesterday for a Pizza lunch after having Tyler as he was finally old enough now to be left for a bit without constant care. When we returned there was a message on our answer machine from a lovely lady who had found little Alex. She doesn't live all that far from us either. She delivered little Alex who was bigger than Tyler when he arrived. Alex weighed in at 110 grams on our scales. And I have been feeding him Esbilac and Royal Canin recovery for the past few meals and some rehydration liquid. I have also wormed him and am giving him some antibiotics. I am pretty sure he has a few buggies hiding inside. He is up to 126 grams now and is a little cutie. He is much darker in colour than Tyler and is a little more independent than Tyler was then. Tyler wanted to be near something alive, this one wishes to be left alone with his heat pad. He doesn't like the clean up baths after eating, just like Tyler.
Well off to make some fleece hat/nest things for them. Tyler through a bit of a fit yesterday when he smelled the new baby inside his fav hat. So much so he pooed on me. He has never done that before. Guess he was trying to put his scent on me to claim me as his. Silly hog.


Emi said...

Hello, It's Emi from Derek's forum.
Just wanted to say I think you are doing a great job with the 2 babies.

I think Tyler wants to say "this is my mum ! She is mine !" :)

Pat said...

Thanks Emi. :) They are alot of work, but worth every minute of it. :) Both Brian and I are enjoying raising them up.

Nettie said...

Love watching the vidoes of your hedgehogs. They're both cute. Fascinating little creatures.