26 March 2009

March 26th, 2009

Spring has sprung in our garden. And loads of flowers are in bloom and the vegetable plants are well on their way too. But now we have a bit of a cold and wet snap. Besides Tiggy we have quite a few other wild friends who visit our garden and we consider they live with us and are part of our family for the short period they decide to stay. One is Hoppity the black bird. He now has a misses Hoppity who has been going around collecting moss and the odd bits here and there for her nests. Brian tells me that black birds sometimes build two nests, just in case one isn't enough or isn't right. We also have a pair of dunnocks in the garden that we see frequently. And some rather noisy starlings, but we don't know where they are nesting.
But one little fellow that we are really quite pleased to see is a cheeky little Robin. :) We really have to watch where we step as he follows us around the garden much like Jingles does. And we have tried really hard to get the point across to Jingles that the Robin along with the other birds are NO!!!! The Robin is after dried meal worms from us and since he is sooooooo cute he can have as many as he wants. I think he has a mate and nest near by, but not in the garden.

Can you spot him in his fav tree??? He will sit in our hazel nut tree for ages and sing. I have a certain branch that I will put some of his worms on and before I can get my hand away he is usually there. We have tried having him take one from our hand, but he isn't that trusting yet.

Here he is, sitting amongst the twisted branches of my Hazel.

Like I said he does follow us around the garden. And here he is watching us from the rose arbor.

And on top of the neighbors roof just singing the happiest of songs.

Jingles even enjoys listening to him sing.
So hopefully before long we will not only have Tiggys running around the garden but also baby black birds, dunnocks, starlings and robins too. Oh and can't forget the doves and goldfinches too.

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