23 October 2007

November 7th 2007

Sorry for not updating this blog in ages. Have been rather busy here lately. The Galaxy site is keeping me pretty busy. I am currently looking for Gravatational Lensing going on there.
Here at home we have a little visitor to the garden. A robin.

He has taken to looking at himself in our garden mirror and he will come and sit on one of the patio chairs and look at his reflection. Sing a few notes and then fly at the mirror as to say hey this is my place!!!

Sometimes he will just sit on one of the sea shells and look at himself in the mirror. Quite funny to watch.

Well as you can tell autumn is here. Brian and I are ready to start hibernating with the cats. It has been a bit weird the past week here. November 5th is Bonfire night here in the UK and that means fireworks. The boys don't care much for those. Cheeky has now started sleeping in the bedroom with us and that has Jingles all confused. So neither are sleeping well and both are rather on the grumpy side. Hopefully things will quiet down now and we can all get back to our normal routines.

During our last half term Brian and I went for a walk around the neighboring estate. They have a little pond there that attracts some birds. We combine the exercise of walking with a little bird watching.

Here is the reed beds that are spreading around the pond.

You can usually spot a pair of herons there. Along with green woodpeckers and various other birds. We still haven't managed to spot the woodcock that a lady had said she saw. Maybe one day. Anyway ever since that day I have done something to my back and am finding it hard going sitting at the computer. So I guess that is a sign that I should get up and get busy around here.
Hopefully I won't be so long in updating again.


The Urban Chic said...

Pat, thanks for sharing some really nice pics. I haven't seen a robin in ages. When I go to my dads I get to see lots of different birds as his garden is perfect for them. I'm with you, I think I might hibernate this winter. I WANT to go home, where I can walk into 7 different rooms not counting the 2 bathrooms. It's just too small here. I thought I would get used to it--NOT. Love the fall colors of the plant.

Pat said...

Best of luck Pat. The little robins here are quite a bit different than back in the US. The closest we have are the Black birds here they sound like your Robins. Hope things work out for you soon there.

Crafty Gardener said...

It looks like your British robin is really enjoying your garden. I love herons and we frequently have one that flies over the garden in the summer.