3 March 2007

Another day....

Good day everyone... Or I hope it will be... Bit on the gray and rainy side here today....
Going to be spending most of today trying to get some cards and ATC's done... the ATC's are for some swaps I belong to.... The theme I need to work on is Oriental... So will need to find my stamps and my papers and see what I can come up with. Will post photos here at a later date. I am also working on some cards for a few challenges and some upcoming Birthdays and Anniversaries. For some reason though when I get into the craft room Time just flys sooooo quickly and before I know it, it is time to stop crafting and get busy fixing supper and then it is bed time..... I am also trying to work on a baby blanket for my first grand daughter.... She is due to appear sometime in May... So looking forward to seeing her. Well off now to start crafting.... Here is an ATC that I did recently. We were to do an ATC that told a bit about ourselves.... I sometimes do things OTT and this was one of those times.

I decied since I have loads of intrests that I wanted to try and do an accordian style ATC.
I have dual citizenship so have put a page of each of my two countries and some of the things I like about them both.

Next on the list was Cats.... I am here because of cats. My husband and I met in a chat room on the internet and it was a cat chat room. So cats are a very big part of my life.

Food and wine.... well... if you know me you know I like both very very much!!!

Crafts.... um could say it is taking over part of my life and part of my free time.

Travel-Hubby and I do love to travel and most times go by coach. Love our local coach company. If it weren't for them I don't think we would have seen half the places we have.

One of these places being France.... Love this country!!! Paris is gorgeous and I get butterflies when we visit that city. It is just so exciting. And again the food and wine are gorgeous too!!!

We also love visiting Brugge, Austria, and Germany to name just a few other places we enjoy.

And my love for Photography. I am still learning how to capture images and learning to take photos and with the advent of Digital it really has opened a new world up to me....

This is what the book looks like opened.... not sure what has happened to my back page photo, it has some of the other things I enjoy, flowers, birdwatching, ebay, beanies and bears, and sudoku!
Anyway this is the ATC of Me!!! Hope it has inspired you to make one too!!!

I am still learning my way around HTML so hopefully things will improve as I do.... Not sure why I have such a large gap....


Crafty Gardener ... said...

Your ATC turned out great.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda!!!